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Honest & Trustworthy

If you’re looking for quality, honest & trustworthy painting services, then it is time that you call in the Preferred Quality Painting experts! With our many years of experience, we do what we say we are going to do and stand by it - providing a high-quality paint job at a fair price, all while giving your home a clean and fresh mew look!

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Custom Colors

Do you want the PERFECT color for your home? Let our team of professionals help you create something that is truly unique. At Quality Painting LLC, we make it our mission to help all of our clients customize their homes just the way they want them. Let our team of professionals help you create that quality custom shade for your home - something you won't find anywhere else!

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Quality Work

Preferred Quality Painting LLC delivers the highest quality work and customer service in the industry. With over 38 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our customers by providing them with a variety of services - producing nothing but quality work every time.

About Us

Quality Work & Custom Colors

Let’s face it. Consider us a one-stop shop for repairs, interior/exterior painting, drywall, cabinets, textures, wallpaper, pressure washing, and much more. In order to make your home more attractive, you’ll require our services. We'll ensure your property looks pristine so you can live comfortably. With experienced professionals dedicated to completing any task the job demands, creating an ideal aesthetic for your home has never been easier.

With your busy life, you want nothing but the best from the assistance we provide. Washing windows or painting the kitchen walls may not have been a priority when you were taking care of your family and going to work. You can have a refreshing home with a helping hand from us. A clean house without the hassle is what you can expect from our team.  Essential support is what we’ll give you for your convenience and assure the project gets done promptly. We can resolve any issue you have in your residence. Soak in everything we have to offer and see what needs to be done first. As a team, we maintain strong communication so your project gets finished properly. Take time to think of what you envision and see how your wishes come to life. You’ll be impressed with what we have to provide for you. Count on us to show you how we do business.

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Pressure Washing

Getting rid of dirt and grime from concrete is a crucial task weperform. Using a rotating jet, uniform cleaning is created quickly, eliminating filthiness.The equipment rotates to generate a perfect finish for the exterior of your home.

Drywall Work

Plastering gives your home an ideal appearance. An inventive space ispromoted when you hire a team that can handle the physical strength of the job. Renewyour homefront with a vast variety of tools used to accomplish the painting you’relooking for.

Repair/Stripping Popcorn Ceilings

Nobody likes lumpy or bumpy ceilings. Improve thedevelopment of your property by remodeling it with new materials. To restore it to itsoriginal beauty, we'll use putty knives and sanders. Don’t worry. We’ll take care ofeverything.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Are you ready to have the home makeover of a lifetime?If so, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the right tools to keep you covered. It is ourpromise to paint the walls in the desired color, smoothly.

Dock Coatings

Home renovations cannot be complete without refinishing old wood.Advanced knowledge is used for applying techniques of refurbishment. Kick back andrelax while we do the work. We fill cracks and knock out splintering materials. Coatingsare applied with a roller and we’ll be sure to create an impression that will “wow”everyone who sees your home.

Concrete Painting

We’ll bring you shiny, sparkling concrete in high-end material thatproduces lasting finesse. Only the finest paints are used to fabricate the outcome you’researching for. Brightening up the surrounding area results in a pragmatic image foreverything around the pavement.

Wallpaper/Paint prepping

These types of ceilings can be tricky to renovate. In order for thewallpaper to fit perfectly, you must choose the right color, texture, and size. Our skilledteam will ensure that your ceilings look sharp to your exact specifications. Watch how weturn your vision into a masterpiece for your rooms.

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Preferred Quality Painting provides high-quality services for painting, pressure washing, wall repairs, decks, fences and more. Our experienced professionals can tackle any job efficiently and deliver a superb final result.

But if you don't believe us, the come & check out what our clients are saying!

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Shawn and his workers were always on time.

He met me before they worked on my projects and was very helpful in choosing paint colors and the right type of paint. The guys working for him were very pleasant to be around and they always cleaned up when they started to leave. They were careful to cover up all of my furniture and valuables so nothing was damaged. His pricing was not bad compared to the great job that they did. I would never use anyone else to paint my house but Shawn and his crew.

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Betty Cox-Smith

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Very Professional,

work was done with quality and the owner Shawn is very helpful and professional .  This company comes highly recommended .  I would recommend to everyone

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Shirley blade

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I will miss these hardworking souls!

They arrived on time, kept the worksite clean, and in these covid times, were respectful of our space. After delivering the final check, I had to ask, on 2 separate occasions, for a simple repair that was overlooked. Within 24 hours, the problem was addressed (& repaired). The amount of sanding, spindle repairs, time on the roof with temperatures at a heat index of over 100, did not slow this team down. I would highly recommend this outfit.

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nancy Fishback

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